30-Second Genetics: The 50 most revolutionary discoveries in genetics, each explained in half a minute

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This whistlestop guide teaches you everything you need to know about the fascinating science of genetics!

Genetics is the study of heredity, and reveals how the characteristics of living organisms are determined by the genes passed down the generations . In humans, it can determine how we think, who we are, and how long we live .

The human genome was mapped in 2003, and this enhanced ability to study our genes is transforming medicine, from CRISPR, the gene editing technology that allows us to alter the course of hereditary disease, to using genetics to identify the types of bacteria that populate our bodies.

Stripping the subject to its bare necessities, 30-Second Genetics charts the most extraordinary discoveries , from the fundamentals of cell biology to the almost unbelievable advances in DNA sequencing and stem cell technology.

Each subject, concept or term is explored in a mere 30 seconds, 300 words, and one image , making this the perfect book to understand the field of genetics at lightening speed!

Authors (and identical twin brothers) Jonathan and Matthew Weitzman are both expert professors in the field , and they write with clarity, exploring these complicated terms in easy to understand language.

From advances in stem cell therapy to animal cloning , genetically modified crops and genetically tailored treatments , the Weitzman brothers demystify this essential science which is shaping our future, today!

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