21% Monster

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"I can't ever choose to be normal even for a single minute of a single day of my entire life."

When 12-year-old Darren Dudlow tears down his school with his bare hands it's not just the police who want to talk to him. Enter Marek Masters, 14 years-old, 19% alien and the most intelligent, Most Wanted 'Almost Human' alive.

Until he met Darren, Marek had thought he was the only survivor of "Project Helix" a top-secret intergovernmental experiment to 'improve" the DNA of children. Now that Marek has Darren on his side, it's time for payback. With 21% monster, Darren, and 19% alien, Marek, surely these two misfits will prove unstoppable? Little do they know just how far Project Helix will go to keep their deadly activities top-secret.

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