Because They Lived

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Read through the pages of over 60 families lives as they journey through loss and find their way to hope. Read the stories of these little lives that changed the world...because they lived. In your cloud of grief you may not see that answer now. You may not see the hope that forms roots and begins to sprout somewhere along that lonely road you will begin to travel. But you will find it, in your own way. Each mother and father in this book can testify to the fact that this world is a much different place...because they lived. And I invite you in your time, to draw your pen and write your heart out in a story, your story, to include in this book of angelic life. There lies a journal of blank pages at the end, so the "world" too, may know of your child. Because they lived. Proceeds from this book will be used to spread awareness on Pregnancy and infant Loss and help others through their own grief journeys.

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