The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens

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Award-winning anthologists Jane Yolen and Patrick Nielsen Hayden have combed through a year's worth of books and magazines and websites to find the most outstanding fantasy and science fiction stories of 2004--and collected them into a single volume aimed specifically at teens and young adults.

Many of today's most popular authors are represented here, including:
* Garth Nix , author of Sabriel , Lirael , and Abhorsen , who presents an unforgettable tale of two swords, two daughters, and two endings....
* S. M. Stirling , author of Island in the Sea of Time , sends a likeable young barbarian across the Channel to Alba, for a confrontation with a wizard from faraway Nantucket that will change his life forever...
* David Gerrold , creator of The Trouble with Tribbles, who takes you to a remote countryside surrounded by a mysterious darkness, whose secret has yet to be revealed...

The stories in this anthology range from good to brilliant to jaw-dropping. - Cory Doctorow

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St Martin's Press
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