Matthew Henry Speaks

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Matthew Henry started his six volume, 5500 page Bible commentary in 1704. The foundation of his epic commentary was his system of expository preaching. Robert Hall, George Whitefield, and Chareles Spurgeon "used the work, and commended it heartily. Whitefield read it through four times, the last time on his knees." Is God still speaking through the saints of old like Matthew Henry? Consider these words: "Those that had been not only distinguished by a dignified people, on whom God had put honor, and to whom all their neighbors had paid respect, are now brought into contempt...That place is not far from ruin in which religion is already ruined." We need a Bible revival; we need a prophetic word. Matthew Henry is a teacher and a prophet to our generation. Come and study the first and last chapters of the Bible with Matthew Henry. Do as George Whitefield did; study the Word and words of this renown Bible teacher together. Be edified and be changed.

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