Four White Guys Who Made America Great (the First Time)

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Disclaimer: This is NOT the same James Baldwin who never published "I Am Not Your Negro." No racial sterotypes were skewered or damaged in the preparation of this manuscript. This is a book about four white guys who made America great (the first time.) Several generations ahead of that other Baldwin. When George Washington was a boy there was no United States. The land was here, just as it is now, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific; but nearly all of it was wild and unknown...Benjamin Franklin had none of the advantages which even the poorest boys may now enjoy. He achieved greatness by always making the best use of such opportunities as came in his way...One day Daniel Webster saw something that made his heart leap. It was a handkerchief with the Constitution of the United States printed on one side of it, which had just come into force...Abraham Lincoln walked fifteen miles to attend a court trial, He listened to all that was said with delight...Get Your Copy Now.

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