2019: Athens 1 Atlantis 0

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An elderly man is drinking coffee in a Venice cafe when he recognises a woman passing by. He remembers meeting her in Paris over 200 years ago. She hasn't changed but he has aged since then. His next birthday will be his 424th. How is the man related to the war between Atlantis and Athens, 11,000 years ago? The descendants of the victors intend to control the planet again using the Treasures of Poseidon with help from the Temple Virgins, who are different to other women in interesting ways. Corruption, kidnap, lust and murder follow. Also some bad things. The Omasor Agency gets involved with help from Brick and Blonde, celebrity adventurers. Another fast paced, funny and exotic adventure. You don't need to read the previous books to enjoy this one. Book 3 in the 2019 series.

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Living Design Publishing
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