The Legacy of Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front - A One-Party State facilitating Dictatorshi

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The UN has warned that Zimbabwe is facing its worst hunger crisis in a decade with half of the population - 7.7 million people - being food insecure; due to an economic meltdown and unprecendented malnutrition; according to the WFP. Also, widespread corruption has contributed to a rise in sexual bribery in Zimbabwe; with an unprecedented number of women reporting being forced to exchange sex for employment or business favours. More than 57% of women surveyed by 'Transparency International Zimbabwe' (TIZ), said they had been forced to offer sexual favours in exchange for jobs, medical care and even when seeking placements at schools for their children. The report, entitled Gender and Corruption, found women were increasingly vulnerable to sexual abuse amid the deteriorating Zimbabwean economy. Hence it is very important that economic stability, rule-of-law and human rights are restored in Zimbabwe - with the assistance of the international community - so that peace and prosperity can be manifested in Zimbabwe.

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