The Science of Horticulture


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The volume covers recent research materials from countries like India, USA, Japan, European Union, UK etc. on vegetable Science, Fruit Science, Ornamentals, Spices, Plantation Crops and Postharvest Technology. Contributed by the best teachers and scientists in the field. The volumes expose the readers to the basics of Horticultural practices and phenomena with chapters on: 1. Geographical Indications in horticulture by Elsy, C.R. and Mridula N. 2. Emerging trends in bioinformatics by Keshavachandran, R., Reena, N. and Nancy Thomas. 3. Chemistry of Fragrance by Shamina Azeez. 4. Advances in development of salt and water stress tolerant plants by Vanaja T. 5. Physiology of dormancy by Passam, Harold C and Alexopoulos, Alexios A. 6. Principles of preservation and packing to improve quality and extend shelf life of fresh horticultural produce by Bakshi, A.K. and Aggarwal Poonam. 7. Graft incompatibility by Masayo Kawaguchi, David Backhouse, Acram Taji and Masayuki Oda. 8. Role and symptoms of deficiency of micronutrients in horticultural crops by Nirmala Devi, S. and Sadhan Kumar P.G. 9. History of bioinformatics by Keshavachandran R. and Nancy Thomas. 10. Entomology in India - a historical perspective by Sosamma Jacob. 11. Ecofriendly approaches for the management of pests and disease of horticultural crops by Nakkeeran S., Renuka Devi P and Marimuthu T. 12. HELO priming in vegetable crops by Krishna Kumar K. 13. Controlled atmosphere storage of fruits by Sudhakar Rao, D.V. Gopalakrishna Rao, K.P. and Narayana C.K. 14. Physiology of fruit ripening by Dhillon W.S. and Gill P.P.S. 15. Trade in floriculture by Sheela Jayagopan.

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