A Federal Constitution for a Federal Britain

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With an introduction and 2 essays from Professor Stephen Haseler's upcoming book "Our Broken Kingdom". Exploring how the possibility of Scottish independence is still likely, he declares that 'if we avoid fundamental constitutional change the union will break-up within the next few years'. Questioning all vested power, be it the London media, the financial establishment or the monarchy; this book goes deep into the broken Westminster system of politics. Proposing a remedy of introducing a federal set-up for Britain with a constitutional convention, leaving no institution untouched; exploring the road to a written constitution. Concluding this book, Graham Allen MP takes a look at why a written constitution is vital in order to enshrine the right of Parliament to a vote before the Prime Minister can exercise the power declare war. In his paper he questions the ancient Royal Prerogative powers referring to his experience in forcing a Parliamentary debate in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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