The Legacy of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party in Israel - A Military Government facilitating Disregard for Innocent Life,

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After 10 years of siege, the 2 million people of Gaza, living packed on a tiny strip, find themselves without work, their economy killed off, without the bare essentials for decent life and without any hope of freedom, or any sign that their situation will change. Being in violation of international humanitarian law, the siege is fracturing minds, pushing the most sensitive and vulnerable to suicide in numbers never seen before. Hence it is imperative that the blockade in Gaza is lifted; especially since the recent Gaza shootings in May 2018, where 116 Palestinians were killed, more than 200 Palestinian children had been shot by live ammunition, and over 12.600 were injured; almost all of whom were unarmed. Yet Israel treated the violence as a jailer might a prison riot: a tragic fault of the inmates. Critical, but also deeply sensitive and humane, this book explores cutting-edge social scientific and ethical approaches, so that human rights and human dignity can be restored in Gaza and Israel.

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